Software - for Ski Resort Mountain Operations

Now is the time for a innovative solution for organization
of all your technical data and documents


allows you to survey, control and manage the entire infrastructure of your ski resort.

MountainOffice especially designed for lift systems and adapts to your needs not vice a versa

MountainOffice - revolutionary database application that provides easy organisation
of mountain operations.

WHY is MountainOffice the right tool?

No doubt you have been using successful software for accounting, payroll and ticketing but in the area of tracking all the various components and related maintenance scheduling there has never been a single application that can provide you with that complete sense of organisation.

WHAT can be managed?

Existing attempts in Excel and Word have made do but have limits and are not uniform across all areas. SEC Ges.m.b.H. with European lift experts spent time analyzing the work routines of ski area operators and developed a solution to track and store technical data, documents, spare parts, service requirements and related scheduling and specific incidents and accidents. The solution is MountainOffice.

Who uses MountainOffice?

General Managers to Lift Mechanics. Our Software is capable of networking and can easily be integrated into your existing computer network, special systems prerequisites are not necessary. The software can be easily used by inexperienced computer users.

The Advantages

.. ease integration into your existing network, short learning curve, flexible, optimum functionality, ingenious user concept ...

3 good reasons

1) Find all information, dates and documents in seconds!
2) Distribute digitally work orders and informations!
3) Consistent and documented work